N.C. AUSTIN only uses Australian stones. The process of guaranteeing the origin of a stone is quite involved and demands an absolute commitment to craft and provenance. After the rough material has been sourced, we then cut and polish the stones to our desired specifications, before setting into your piece of jewellery. Being heavily involved in the supply chain from the source of origin allows us to create the most unique items for our clients.

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Sourced from Australian Soil

Sourced from some of Australia's most remote locations, all of our stones are unique and two stones are never alike. This aspect of our output is ever-changing and showcases the beauty and individualistic qualities of the many natural stones this country is host to.

All stones are cut and polished in-house

After analysing the rough material and determining which part of the stone will suit the finished piece of jewellery, a series of procedures relevant to each type of stone will be carried out in order to cut them into the desired shape and profile. After the stone has taken its final shape, it then goes through a sequence of hand polishing procedures unique to each type of stone due to different hardness and crystal structure.

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The finished piece

The final step is setting the hand cut stone into the finished ring. An N.C. AUSTIN ring is not only a fine example of Australian craftsmanship, but mirrors an attitude and belief system necessary to produce a truly unique Australian product, rivalled by none.