A B O U T 

N.C. AUSTIN is the trade mark of Australian Jeweller and Gemcutter, Nick Austin Clifford.

A custodian of the unique and unusual gemstones of his native Australia, Nick feels an immediate responsibility and privilege to cut, polish, and showcase these stones that otherwise get lost in the establishment of the commercial jewellery world. All stones set in N.C. AUSTIN jewellery are of Australian origin.

It’s important to understand the mind of the maker, in order to understand his work. Nick has a way of thinking and working that is quite unorthodox in the modern world. It’s as if he has transported himself to the late 1800’s, as a travelling jeweller and gem merchant, crafting his beautiful pieces with the newly discovered precious raw materials that are immediately around him. But it isn’t 1880, and in the present, Nick is rediscovering these gemstones and giving them the much deserved recognition, by framing them in signet rings for the select customers who instantly appreciate a finely executed piece of Australian decorative art when they see one. In the age where everything is accessible at any given moment, Nick has a deep sense and underlying yearning to slow down and work with the natural precious materials which surround him. It’s this way of thinking which has given Nick a real connection to the work he puts his hands to.

Nick has claimed his distinctive style and palette completely as his own, and is genuinely committed to his vision and uncompromising viewpoint on materials and practices of making. This high level of commitment to artistry and principal, results in something truly unique and rarely offered. If Australia was to have an ambassador of jewellery, you’ve found him.