A B O U T 

N.C. AUSTIN is the trade mark of Australian Jeweller and Gemcutter, Nick Austin Clifford.

Once the skills and techniques of jewellery making are mastered, there are many paths a jeweller can go down in order to sell their work. Nick has chosen a path of complete individuality and self reliance by sourcing and processing his own gemstone material. The jewellery produced is bold, heavy, and uniquely Australian.

N.C. AUSTIN does not adhere to the consistencies of conformity, but is the result of an individual's own instincts and ideas, and it is for that reason alone that N.C. AUSTIN pieces are made for the discerning individualist, to celebrate life's most significant milestone events.

Gemstones are at the centre of what we do, and it is with great pride that we can proudly state that all stones set in N.C. AUSTIN jewellery are of Australian origin, and for the most part, cut and polished in-house.

An N.C. AUSTIN ring is not only a fine example of Australian craftsmanship, but mirrors an attitude and belief system necessary to produce a truly unique Australian jewel, rivalled by none.